CMSP Roster

Current Certified Modeling & Simulation Professional delegation with CMSP level and year of initial designation. 

Dr. Christine AllenUniversity of Central Florida, Master, 2013

Mr. Keith Allen, PeopleTec, Inc., Master, 2019

Dr. Randal AllenLone Star Aerospace, Master, 2009 

Mr. Samford Anderson, SAIC, Master, 2022

Mr. William AndrewsDiSTI, Master, 2019

Mr. Larry Baca, Maneuver Battle Lab, Master, 2020 

Mr. John Bayer, SAIC, Master, 2021

Mr. Edwin Bearss, Trideum Corporation, Master, 2019

Ms. Carol BellSpencer Cole, LLC, Master, 2020

Ms. Debbie BerryLockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems, Master, 2019

Dr. James BlakeJ T Blake, LLC, Master, 2019 

Mr. Alexei Botchkarev, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Master, 2020 

Dr. Linda Brent, The ASTA Group, Master, 2002

Mr. Robert BrownieInsight Acumen, Master, 2019

Mr. Chip Carpenter, US Fleet Forces Command / US Navy, Master, 2012

Mr. Paul CarterStrategic Professional Resources, Inc., Master, 2020

Mr. James Caylor, Retired (Consultant), Master, 2003

Mr. Dannie Cutts, Pitch Technologies, Master, 2020 

Mr. Edenilson De Meira, ADGA Group Consultants, Master, 2022

Mr. David Devine5 ASOS, Master, 2020

Mr. Michael Dial, Alion Science and Technology, Master, 2003

Mr. Rob Douglass,  Alion Science and Technology, Master, 2008

Mr. Nicolas Duclos-Hindie, Thales Canada, Master, 2019

Ms. Cindy Dunn,  SAIC, Master, 2022

Mr. Benjamin Eastman, Davidson Technologies, Inc., Apprentice, 2023 

COL Jeffrey Erickson, USA, Army Cyber Institute, Master, 2023

Mr. John Ferrell, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Master, 2019

Dr. Kelly ForbesC3 Human Factors Consulting Inc., Master, 2007

MAJ Sean Fraser, US Army, Master, 2022

Mr. Cristian GheorghiuCAE GmbH, Master, 2014

Dr. Brian Goldiez, Old Dominion University, Master, 2002

Dr. Martin Goodwin, Ellison Keller, LLC, Master, 2022

Lt Col Merrick GreenAir Combat Command A589, Master, 2017

Dr. David GrossFlorida State University, Master,2002

Mr. Andrew Gross,  Trideum Corporation, Master, 2012

Ms. Laura GuayAir Combat Command A9, Master, 2020

Mr. Michael GurholtLogistics Exercise and Simulation Directorate, Master, 2020 

Mr. Evan HarrisCAE, Master, 2015

Mr. Phillip HarrisonU.S. Army RDECOM - AMRDEC, Master, 2007

Ms. Michelle Herman, Blue Halo, Master, 2004

Mr. Brian Hughes, BlueHalo, Master, 2008

Dr. Kevin HulmeUniversity at Buffalo, Master, 2019

Dr. Randolph Jones, Soar Technology, Inc., Master, 2019

Mr. Jeremy Joseph, Bluedrop USA, Inc, Master, 2014

Mr. Paul Kelley-Jones, Rolls-Royce, Master, 2022

MAJ Jacob Kelly, US Army, Maneuver Battle Lab, MCDID, Apprentice, 2023

Mr. Eberhard Kieslich, Master, 2020

Mr. Bob Kleinhample, HTX Labs, Master, 2007

Ms. Cynthia Krisan, MAK Technologies, Master, 2019

Dr. Lee Lacy,  DiSTI, Master, 2019

Dr. Gene Lee, University of Central Florida, Master, 2010

Mr. Michael Lepard, Whitecap Engineering Inc., Master, 2009

Ms. Jennifer LewisSAIC, Master, 2008

Mr. Joyner LivingstonSAIC, Master, 2021

Mr. Jeramiah Lujan, Systecon North America, Master, 2016

Ms. Jennifer McArdle, CAE USA, Master, 2021

Col James McGrath, USMC, Master, 2018

Mr. Bassem Mikhael,  Simpire Inc., Master, 2019

Mr. William Miller, SAIC, Master, 2022

Mr. Jimmy Moore, PeopleTec, Master, 2004

Dr. Katherine Morse, The Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Lab, Master, 2019

Mr. Dat Nguyen, Viettel Group, Practitioner, 2023

Dr. Denise Nicholson, Soar Technologies, Inc., Master, 2005

Mr. John Nicholson, Intrack Radar Technologies, Inc, Master, 2012

Dr. S.K. Numrich,  Institute for Defense Analyses, Master, 2020

Mr. Michael O'ConnorTrideum Corporation, Master, 2011

Mr. Vincent Ortiz,  AVW Technologies, Inc., Master, 2020

Mr. Sean OsmondBohemia Interactive Simulations, Master, 2019

Dr. Ivar OswaltThe MIL Corporation, Master, 2019

Mr. Gregg OwensNAVCTSD, Master, 2016

Mr. Rick Painter, Advisors & Consultants with Military Experience (ACME) Group LLC, Master, 2013

Ms. Diana Pineda, SAIC, Master, 2010

Dr. Gerald Prichard,  Aegis Technologies Corp, Master, 2005

Dr. Michael Proctor, University of Central Florida, Master, 2002

Dr. Larry Rainey, Master, 2020

Dr. Gregory ReedNorthrop Grumman Corporation, Master, 2016

Mr. James ReynoldsUnited States Marine Corps, Master, 2016

Mr. Robert RichardsAlion Science and Technology, Master, 2008 

Mr. Jacob Robertson, SAIC, Apprentice, 2023

Mr. Ashley T. Robinson, SAIC, Master, 2023

Mr. Ken ShouldiceADGA Group Consultants Inc., Master, 2012

Ms. Tammie SmileyTrideum Corporation, Master, 2009

Mr. Jason SmithUSSOCOM, Master, 2020

Mr. Joseph Sorroche, Sandia National Labs, Master, 2012

CPT Joshua Sourbeer, Mission Training Complex, JBLM, Master, 2022

Mr. John David Spahn, Lockheed Martin, Master, 2017

Mr. Timothy SteffenNGB/CF Office of the Director, Air National Guard, Master, 2019

Dr. George Stone, Aptima, Inc., Master, 2022

Dr. John "Buck" SurduCole Engineering Services, Inc., Master, 2002

Dr. Andreas TolkThe MITRE Corporation, Master, 2003

Mr. Craig UnrathTrideum Corporation, Master, 2003

Mr. Bayne Vaughan, Master, 2008

Mr. Brian Vogt, SAIC, Master, 2021

Dr. Daniel Walker, The Joint Staff, Master, 2019

Mr. Ralph Weber, Master, 2002

Mr. Colby WellingtonBlueHalo, Master, 2019

Dr. David Wells, The MITRE Corporation, Master, 2002

Dr. Michael White, Alion Science and Technology Corporation, Master, 2005

Mr. Adam Williams, Booz Allen Hamilton, Master, 2020

Mr. Christopher Willis, Manuever Battle Lab, Master, 2020

Mr. Tom Yanoschik, SAIC, Master, 2012

Dr. John YoungU.S. Air Force, Master, 2012

Retired CMSP
Dr. Roy Crosbie, Master, 2002
Mr. Henry (Hank) Okraski, Master, 2002