About the Certified Modeling & Simulation Professional Certification 

The Certified Modeling & Simulation Professional (CMSP) certification program was created in 2002 to provide the Modeling & Simulation (M&S) industry with its own professional certification that remains valid for four years before recertification is required. The CMSP designation recognizes professionals with work, education, knowledge, skills, and abilities in M&S.  

  • CMSP is the industry standard within the M&S community
  • CMSP is a validation of M&S competency and professionalism
  • CMSP recognizes individuals as leaders in the M&S community
  • CMSP enhances professional advancement and career growth
  • CMSP grants you membership to the M&S community of subject matter experts
  • CMSP ensures that corporate employees are M&S accredited for their customer base
  • CMSP certificate holders receive a discounted registration rate to attend NTSA events.  

Three CMSP Professional Certifications to Match your M&S Career  


The CMSP Apprentice level certification identifies individuals who have demonstrated an awareness of basic M&S concepts, methods, and applications. In addition to meeting the education and experience requirements (listed below), CMSP Apprentices possess an entry-level understanding of M&S principles and practices and are committed to expanding their knowledge and understanding of the M&S discipline.

The CMSP Apprentice level certification is designed for individuals who are new to the M&S field. It serves as a foundation for future advancement to the CMSP Practitioner or Master certification levels.


The CMSP Practitioner level certification designates professionals who possess applied knowledge of M&S principles and practices in a variety of domains. CMSP Practitioners have the educational background and proven real-world experience to participate in a broad range of M&S activities. They understand M&S applications and their role in addressing current and future challenges in specific contexts.

The CMSP Practitioner level certification is designed for M&S professionals who have a demonstrated ability to lead technical teams, conduct short-term studies, translate project requirements into model contexts, and coordinate with subject matter experts and key stakeholders to advance specific M&S project objectives.


The CMSP Master level certification recognizes M&S professionals who have attained a deep understanding of complex M&S principles and practices. CMSP Masters have a combination of education and experience that enables them to possess clear expertise in at least two M&S application areas and an in-depth understanding of most other M&S areas.

The CMSP Master level certification is designed for M&S professionals who have a demonstrated understanding of the M&S body of knowledge and its application in a variety of contexts. CMSP Masters possess the capability to plan and execute short- and long-term M&S projects, design and implement complex and sophisticated models, conduct advanced research, communicate findings, and expand the application of M&S into new domains.

CMSP Certification Requirements

To obtain a CMSP certification, you must complete a set of required steps:

Determine the CMSP designation that best reflects your work, education, knowledge, skills, and abilities
CMSP application form and application fee
M&S Professional Knowledge & Skill Set form
A copy of your current resume
Professional letters of recommendation
Signing a pledge that you will abide by the Simulationist Code of Ethics


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