Once an applicant has been approved to take the online CMSP exam, they will receive an email with a link to the CMSP exam platform.

Applicants will have 24 hours to complete the online exam from the moment they click the “Start Exam” button. Please note that the exam is open book, meaning that you may use notes or refer to references while taking the exam. The CMSP exam consists of a total of120 multiple choice and true/false questions generated randomly from a question bank. A passing score is answering 70% of the questions correctly.

CMSP Exam Resources

We recommend that you review the resources listed here as a study tool for the exam.  In addition, you can review the slides from the CMSP Professional Development Workshop (PDW) presented at I/ITSEC 2021 by Dr. Ivar Oswalt.  The CMSP Professional Development Workshop will be presented again at I/ITSEC 2022 on Friday, December 2.  More CMSP PDW information will be available when I/ITSEC registration opens in mid-July. 

The exam platform also includes a practice quiz that you can take to get a good sense of the exam. 

Taking the CMSP Exam

The email you will receive after your application is approved will contain the link to the CMSP exam platform. When you log in, you will be directed to the Welcome page that contains exam instructions and links to the resources (as mentioned above), practice quiz, and CMSP exam.

Once you click on "Start Exam," you will have exactly 24 hours to complete and submit the exam.

Following the CMSP Exam

Once you have submitted the exam, you will be taken to the Exam Master level page where you will see your exam score.  Please email Carol Dwyer at cdwyer@NTSA.org upon completion of the exam for your official CMSP exam notification.  If you do not pass the exam, you will have one opportunity, within one year, to re-take the exam. There is no additional fee to re-take the exam in this scenario.

Upon successfully passing the exam, you will receive your CMSP certificate and certificate frame. The CMSP certificate includes your CMSP number and the certification’s start and end dates. A CMSP certification is valid for four years. You will also be asked to sign a pledge that you will abide by the Simulationist Code of Ethics.

Appeals can be made in writing and emailed to Carol Dwyer at cdwyer@NTSA.org.  Appeals take up to 30 days to receive a response. 


Contact Carol Dwyer at cdwyer@NTSA.org or (703) 247-9471.