Application Process

CMSP Application Process

In order to take the CMSP exam, you must first have approval from the CMSP Certification Board.  The requirements to apply for exam approval are as follows:  

  • Determine the CMSP designation from below that best reflects your work, education, knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • CMSP application form and application fee
  • M&S Professional Knowledge & Skill Set form
  • A copy of your current resume
  • Professional letters of recommendation

Determine the CMSP designation from the three CMSP levels

CMSP Apprentice Level

The CMSP Apprentice level certification identifies individuals who have demonstrated an awareness of basic M&S concepts, methods, and applications. In addition to meeting the education and experience requirements (listed below), CMSP Apprentices possess an entry-level understanding of M&S principles and practices and are committed to expanding their knowledge and understanding of the M&S discipline.

The CMSP Apprentice level certification is designed for individuals who are new to the M&S field. It serves as a foundation for future advancement to the CMSP Practitioner or Master certification levels.

CMSP Practitioner Level

The CMSP Practitioner level certification designates professionals who possess applied knowledge of M&S principles and practices in a variety of domains. CMSP Practitioners have the educational background and proven real-world experience to participate in a broad range of M&S activities. They understand M&S applications and their role in addressing current and future challenges in specific contexts.

The CMSP Practitioner level certification is designed for M&S professionals who have a demonstrated ability to lead technical teams, conduct short-term studies, translate project requirements into model contexts, and coordinate with subject matter experts and key stakeholders to advance specific M&S project objectives.

CMSP Master Level

The CMSP Master level certification recognizes M&S professionals who have attained a deep understanding of complex M&S principles and practices. CMSP Masters have a combination of education and experience that enables them to possess clear expertise in at least two M&S application areas and an in-depth understanding of most other M&S areas.

The CMSP Master level certification is designed for M&S professionals who have a demonstrated understanding of the M&S body of knowledge and its application in a variety of contexts. CMSP Masters possess the capability to plan and execute short- and long-term M&S projects, design and implement complex and sophisticated models, conduct advanced research, communicate findings, and expand the application of M&S into new domains.

Learn more about exam level education, work experience, knowledge, skills and abilities requirements:

Apprentice Level

Practitioner Level

Master Level

Application and Fees

You can download  the application and submit here or contact Carol Dwyer at for an application. 

Exam Level
 Apprentice  $150
 Practitioner  $275
 Master  $400

NTSA offers a $50 discount if you are currently a CMSP and apply to take the next level of CMSP exam.

M&S Professional Knowledge & Skill Set form

Select and complete the appropriate M&S Professional Knowledge & Skill Set form from below for the exam level your are applying.  Please email the completed form to Carol Dwyer at  

Apprentice Form

Practitioner Form

Master Form


You may submit your most current resume to Carol Dwyer at  

Letter of Recommendation

Exam Level
 Number of Letters
Apprentice    Two
Practitioner    Three
Master    Four

The professional letters of recommendation should be written by previous or current supervisors, colleagues, or professors. The letters of recommendation do not need to be overly long or formal but should detail the length and nature of the recommender’s relationship with the applicant as well as provide details about the applicant’s technical skills, knowledge, ethics, work products, and additional information. The recommendations should state endorsement of the applicant’s suitability for the Certified Modeling & Simulation Professional designation. Letters of recommendation must include a signature or electronic signature. They may be submitted all at once or individually to Carol Dwyer at  

Application Review

When your application, resume and letters of recommendation have all been received, your CMSP application package will be assigned to two members of the CMSP Certification Board for review. Providing that you meet the requirements, you can expect your application to be approved within one week. Once you are approved, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for taking the online CMSP Exam.


Contact Carol Dwyer at or (703) 247-9471.