CMSP Nation Information

Your Chance to Get Involved

CMSP is undergoing a transformation to update, improve, and to remain relevant in the dynamic and growing area of modeling and simulation. The first phase, developing recommendations, is completed. Now, a set of committees are working to implement these changes.


These committees will provide the operational structure needed so that the CMSP certification continues to grow in relevancy and to strengthen the unity of the M&S Community. We are reaching out to you for your input and contribution!

  • Executive – Keeping the CMSP mission, vision, and goals on track are essential. The Executive Committee will not only manage CMSP but propel it forward to the next level of distinction.
  • Exam – Times have changed since the exam was written. The CMSP exam needs to be updated to include recent developments in the M&S world and this committee will oversee its revision.
  • Awareness and Demand – Increasing CMSP recognition and stimulating CMSP demand within Academia, Industry, Government, and Professional societies are crucial to taking CMSP to the next level. This committee will investigate ways to improve awareness and boost demand.
  • Engagement – The CMSP Nation is a community of like-minded people! This committee will look at how we can bolster this bond and increase interaction within the community.
  • Outreach – We need to get the CMSP message out to the M&S Community at large. The Outreach Committee will create and execute a marketing plan to include an active social media presence.
  • Operations – NTSA is revitalizing outreach, administration, and content delivery as well as supporting daily processes and operations.

We also have two additional ways to volunteer – both opportunities are perfect for our retired CMSPs.

CMSP Certification Board – We are looking for individuals to be part of the Certification Board that reviews the application of new CMSP candidates. To join the Certification Board, you must have a Master CMSP or the education and work experience of a Master CMSP.  

CMSP Applicant Mentors – We have a call for mentors that can assist CMSP candidates with their general questions and as they prepare for the exam.   

This is your invitation to participate! We need your expertise and passion! Please contact Carol Dwyer at for more information or to volunteer.