Luke DeVore, Director of Engagement, Immersive Technology, SAIC

Luke DeVore (Moderator)

Director of Engagement, Immersive Technology, SAIC
NTSA February Webinar – Demystifying the Metaverse
Luke DeVore is a member of SAIC’s Digital Innovation Factory and works as the Director of Engagement for Immersive Technologies. At the Director of Engagement, Luke focuses on the application and integration of Immersive Technologies across SAIC’s federal, space, and defense business units. Luke began his career as a Marine Corps officer where he begrudgingly agreed to lead a simulation-based training program while deployed onboard the USS Bataan as a company Executive Officer. Unable to find meaningful employment post-service during the Great Recession, Luke accepted a position designing simulation-based training as a member of the II MEF Simulation Center, Camp Lejeune. Since then, Luke has become a true believer in the power of simulations and digital environments to accelerate how humans perform tasks and understand concepts. Moving forward, Luke is excited about the power of Immersive Technologies to blur the lines between learning and performing with perpetual point of need access. Luke graduated with a BA from the University of Pittsburgh, earned a MA from Webster University, and is currently earning an eMBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology.