Tyler Gates, CEO and Managing Partner, Brightline Interactive

Tyler Gates

CEO and Managing Partner, Brightline Interactive
NTSA February Webinar – Demystifying the Metaverse
Tyler Gates has spent over a decade as a visionary for immersive technology, spatial computing, and the exploration of the human experience in the virtual world. He loves the idea that there are endless possibilities with creative technologies and has spent his career building companies that passionately believe the same thing. His technological prowess, in conjunction with his aptitude for behavioral psychology, enables him to seamlessly translate client needs into tangible concepts, through the use of immersive technology for training, consumer branding and enterprise solutions. He has adapted the company’s award-winning, highly immersive and interactive technology and under his leadership, Brightline’s highly skilled team of Creative Technologists guide clients through the effective adaptation of deep technologies, in order to allow organizations to thrive in a rapidly changing technology-driven world.