Dr. Kent Halverson, Sr. Director, Training, Learning, and Readiness Division, Aptima, Inc.

Dr. Kent Halverson

Principal Scientist and Senior Director, Training, Learning, and Readiness Division, Aptima, Inc.
NTSA September Webinar – Human Performance Part II: Harnessing Data for Readiness Analytics

Dr. Kent Halverson, Principal Scientist and Senior Director of the Training, Learning, and Readiness Division, Aptima, Inc. has extensive research experience in performance assessment, multi-modal performance measurement, unobtrusive measurement, organizational analysis, social network analysis, training design and evaluation, adaptive learning, competency modeling, survey development, and quantitative data analysis. Dr. Halverson has led a variety of projects for DoD research agencies such as the Air Force Research Lab and the Defense Advanced Research Program Agency (DARPA). He served as the Principal Investigator for the evaluation of human performance in electronic vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) human-machine teams (HMTs); development of a continuous, multisource enterprise performance appraisal prototype; development and evaluation of virtual reality (VR) training courses; the evaluation of Air Force pilot training curricula effectiveness; development of multi-domain targeting workflow models; design and execution of quasi-experiment analyzing soldier social interactions; and, the development of adaptive training systems for intelligence analysts.  Dr. Halverson has held faculty positions at the Air Force Academy and the Air Force Institute of Technology as the Director of the Graduate Engineering Management Program. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from University of Florida, a MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois, and a BS in Civil Engineering from the US Air Force Academy.