Tech Grove Connect – The How, When and What of Adaptive Training

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  • 4/13/2023 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT
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With the need to have more specialized individuals across a variety of fields and the requirement for a faster time to readiness, there is a need to personalize training and adapt strategies more efficiently. This requires a deep and well known way of adapting training to better suit the needs of the individuals. Adaptive training can be very impactful on training outcomes. But it can be very high cost in time and money!

Join us to hear about the game-based adaptive system this team developed to streamline and lower the cost of developing an adaptive training system.

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Summer Rebensky, Scientist, and Capability Lead, Aptima, Inc.

Dr. Summer Rebensky, Scientist, and Capability Lead, Aptima, Inc. has a background focusing on human performance, cognition, and training in emerging systems. She serves as principal investigator and project manager on multiple DoD efforts leveraging human measurement and modern technologies to transform training. Dr. Rebensky has previous experience as a research fellow as a part of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Gaming Research Integration for Learning Laboratory (GRILL); leading research efforts with the Air Force, Navy, and FAA out of the ATLAS Lab; human factors assessments of a trainer aircraft for the F-35 with Northrop Grumman; and developing courseware with Raytheon. Her research experience involves leveraging VR, AR, and game-based technology to optimize human performance in training and operations, adaptive technologies, human-agent teaming, and trust in AI. Dr. Rebensky received her BA in psychology, MS in aviation human factors, and Ph.D. in aviation sciences with a focus in human factors from Florida Tech.
Jonathan Diemunsch, computer scientist, U.S. Air Force

Jonathan Diemunsch is a computer scientist with a passion for game design that has led him to develop game tech for the Air Force to create training solutions for the last 10 years. He recently led his team through a collaboration with Cesium Geospatial to create an OpenDIS plugin that enables better Air Force training systems to interact with state-of-the-art game engines. Jonathan attends CES, I/ITSEC, and multiple other tech conferences annually to stay on top of the latest trends. His work in developing game tech for the Air Force has contributed to national security and defense efforts.



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