Tech Grove Connect – Wires Crossed in A Digital World: How to Prevent Misalignments in Human and AI Decision Making

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  • 4/11/2024 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST
  • Event Type : Webinar


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Join us on April 11 as we continue our conversations on "trust in AI". An important aspect of AI adoption is the level of trust and perceived competency of the system by the human.  Enabling valid trust in AI requires ensuring that systems are designed in a way that promotes users’ trust while providing them with the support that they need as we look to integrate decision-support AI into intelligence, mission planning, and JADC2 applications. The team behind this I/ITSEC Best Paper nominee in 2023 presents the design of a novel system intersecting human factors, cognitive modeling, and recommendation AI to explore approaches for collaborative human-AI teaming. They conducted a series of usability and system design evaluations that explored (a) information that users consider when making trust judgments, (b) unobtrusive behavioral measures that integrate into cognitive models to predict when trust falls, and (c) trust calibrations when cognitive model predictions did not match user actions— providing the AI an opportunity to build trust by intervening at the right time in the right way. User behavior, impressions, and self-report responses were examined to understand what user behaviors emerge when users perceive a tool to be working collaboratively. Specific guidance on designing recommendation AI that can leverage behaviors and cognitive modeling for naturalistic interaction as well as system calibration techniques to improve a user’s perception system competency are discussed.

Meet the Speakers

Dr. Summer Rebensky, Scientist, Aptima, Inc. has expertise focusing on human performance, cognition, and training in emerging systems. In her role at Aptima, Inc. she serves as the capability lead for Air Force Training, Learning, and Readiness technologies. She specializes in leading efforts to develop, test, and implement AR, VR, XR, and modern training solutions to improve and measure human performance. Dr. Rebensky has previous experience as a research fellow as a part of the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Gaming Research Integration for Learning Laboratory (GRILL) conducting research on interface designs for novel aviation use cases in the civilian and DoD world as well as and human-agent teaming designs. Her other experience includes leading Florida Tech’s ATLAS research lab with grant and STTR research with the Air Force, Navy, and FAA; human factors assessments of a trainer aircraft for the F-35 with Northrop Grumman; and developing DoD courseware with Raytheon. Her research experience involves leveraging VR, AR, and modern technology to optimize human performance in training and operations, individualizing learning through gamification and adaptive technologies, human-agent teaming, and trust in AI. Dr. Rebensky received her BA in psychology, MS in aviation human factors, and PhD in aviation sciences with a focus in human factors from Florida Tech. US Citizen.

Dr. Maria Chaparro Osman, Associate Scientist, Aptima Inc. has a background in decision making under novel conditions, training and instructional design, performer/learner engagement during complex monitoring tasks in operational and training contexts, as well as usability of mobile and web-based applications. Much of her work relates to urban air mobility and electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Dr. Osman received a BS in Technical Communication and New Media from the University of South Florida, an MS in Aviation Human Factors from Florida Tech, and a PhD in Aviation Sciences with a focus in Human Factors at Florida Tech’s College of Aeronautics.



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