Luzeaux Photo

Major General Dominique Luzeaux

Digital Transformation Champion and Special Advisor to Supreme Allied Commander Transformation

Dominique Luzeaux entered the Ministry of Defense in 1984, as a cadet within the Military Academy of Saint-Cyr from Sep. 84 to Jan. 85, and platoon leader, 43rd Infantry Regiment, from Feb. 85 to Aug. 85. He graduated from École Polytechnique (1987) and École Nationale Supérieure des  Techniques Avancées (1989) as an armament engineer.

His first position was a research engineer in  artificial intelligence and robotics. He defended his PhD thesis at the University of Paris XI (1991), and was a visiting research scientist at the University of California at Berkeley (1991-1992). Within the DGA (French Armament Procurement Agency), he occupied various positions  successively as expert, project manager and director. As Director of the Complex System Engineering Department (2002-2004), he was in charge of  the R&T programs in system engineering methods and tools, as well as in modeling and simulation. He was the French representative within NATO/RTO and WEAG technical panels. As Director of the Technical Center for Information Systems (2004-2007) he was in charge of the reorganization of the technical and human resources dedicated to the information system infrastructure of the DGA. 2008-2009, he was appointed Deputy Director for C4ISR systems. From 2009 to 2013, as Director for Land Systems acquisition, he was responsible for the technical and financial execution (yearly payment over 1 billion euros) of the military programs for land systems, and was the French representative for several bilateral and multilateral agreements. He was named Honorary Private First Class of the Army for his personal implication in various armament programs, among them the Unitary Rocket Launcher. End of 2013 he joined the Joint Staff as Deputy Director within the Directorate for Infrastructure Networks and Information Systems at the Ministry of Defense level, where he acted as the Chief Purchasing Officer (yearly budgetary envelope of almost 1 billion euros) and head of the Acquisition and Supply-Chain Division. From 2021 to September 2023, he was Director of the newly created Digital Defense Agency within the French Ministry of Defense, in charge of all defense complex digital projects.

Besides, he defended in 2001 his Professor thesis, has directed a dozen of PhD students, has published around hundred articles in conferences and international journals, and has written 9 books in French and in English on nanotechnology, on simulation, and on complex systems engineering. He received the “Ingénieur Général Chanson” Award in 2006 for his work on military autonomous unmanned ground vehicles. Luzeaux is married to Ghislaine and is father of one son, Yvain.