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    BREAKING: It’s Time to Move Out on CJADC2 Capabilities, Adm. Grady Insists

    The U.S. military services each have their individual contributions to the Defense Department’s Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control initiative, but the services are increasingly working together to make the concept a reality, the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said May 1.
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    JUST IN: Air Force Advancing Command, Control in Middle East Fight

    While the Defense Department is shifting focus to the Indo-Pacific, action is taking place today in the Middle East where Central Command is conducting defensive — and sometimes offensive — action against Iranian proxies. That action is testing and proving technologies and concepts of the Defense Department’s Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control initiative, said the commander of Air Forces, U.S. Central Command.
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    Reaching Pentagon’s CJADC2 Goals to Require ‘Bridging Solutions’

    The Defense Department has a vision: take each service’s sensors and shooters, tie them all together in a seamless network that lives on a combat cloud and employ artificial intelligence to make decisions quicker than opponents can. The vision is known as Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or CJADC2, and despite the “joint” in the name, the Army, Navy and Air Force are pursuing their own programs.
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    Army Continues Build Up of Integrated Tactical Network

    FORT MYER, Virginia — Bullets whizzing through the air. Missiles launching through the skies. But what the Army thinks will make all the difference in warfare against technologically advanced adversaries is an invisible network that links every soldier, commander and weapon in the field.
Displaying 1-4 of 4 results