Nick Bicanic, Chief Science & Strategy Officer, Red 6

Nick Bicanic

Chief Science & Strategy Officer, Red 6
NTSA July Webinar – Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (XR): Science Fiction or the Future?
Founder and Chief Strategy and Science Officer of Red 6, Nick Bicanic has always been at the forefront of innovation and emerging technologies. Bicanic first showed his interest in the unconventional merging of the physical world and computer visualization at a young age with a High School science project for which he was awarded the Nobel Foundation for a Young Scientist Nobel Award. After finishing his undergraduate work at Cambridge University, Bicanic was 20 years old when awarded a full PhD scholarship for the use of Laser Photo-Acoustic spectroscopy to understand why Alaskan pipelines rust. Then his desire to merge his technological knowledge, creativity, and business acumen led to the creation of a UK startup that would be among the first to take business models into the emerging virtual world. After selling this company at 25, he went on to direct and produce the 4-time LEO Award winning documentary "Shadow Company”, a unique insight into the secret world of modern-day soldiers for hire. For his work on the film, he was invited to testify in front of the United States Senate as a subject matter expert on the usage of mercenaries in warfare. This shifted his interests more firmly into the world of defense. Having successfully raised Venture Capital rounds as CEO and Head of Product for Silicon Valley luminaries including Google Ventures, Bullpen and ProFounders, he focused on developing his own patents for video streaming and VR/AR, leading him to found RVLVR. His experience and knowledge gained from this startup allowed him to move forward to redefining Augmented Reality in dynamic environments with Red 6. He now works to develop training for the fighter pilots of the future in aerospace and defense.