NTSA July Webinar – Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (XR): Science Fiction or the Future?

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  • 7/29/2021 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT
  • Event Type : Webinar
    Event Code : 11B0


Watch the recording from the July segment of NTSA's webinar series. This webinar was an incredible display of the readiness and capability of the spatial/immersive technology industry, and is a must see for all NTSA members and beyond!


The entire modeling and simulation community today has been embracing these technologies. We have now entered a new phase in the application of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. The industry is quickly progressing beyond the testing and prototyping with XR to now move forward to the real adoption of these technologies as part of our productized training solutions. In this webinar, we have gathered an unprecedented group of pragmatic experts who will share their experiences, along with great design tidbits of practical information. The session will focus on “everything you need to know” about XR for simulation, discussing content creation, hardware solutions, infrastructure, and solutions integration. This session is not to be missed!



Registration is open and complimentary for all who wish to join. Take a moment and register today for no fee.

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NTSA July Webinar