Steve Smith, XR Lead, Epic Games

Steve Smith

XR Lead, Epic Games
NTSA July Webinar – Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (XR): Science Fiction or the Future?

Steve Smith (yes, that's his real name) is the engineering lead for the Unreal Engine XR team at Epic Games. The XR team at Epic owns all things VR and AR in the engine, from the higher-level rendering functionality around stereo rendering, all the way down to the guts of platform level support; from PSVR to Oculus Quest, from ARKit to ARCore, and a whole bunch more besides.

Steve has been knocking around the games industry in various guises for quite some time. In previous incarnations, he worked at Microsoft in the XBox Advanced Technology Group (ATG), helping developers get the most out of the rendering capabilities on Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms. He led the VR team at HBO (doing experimental VR entertainment stuff), was the lead engineer at Envelop VR (a VR startup working on putting the Windows Desktop into VR, amongst other things). He was also the rendering engineer on an indie title called "Planetary Annihilation" where he helped implement rendering features in the game's custom engine, as well as achieving a 10x improvement in performance.