Tyler Gates, CEO/Managing Partner, Brightline Interactive

Tyler Gates (Moderator)

CEO/Managing Partner, Brightline Interactive
NTSA July Webinar – Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (XR): Science Fiction or the Future?
Tyler is the CEO of Brightline Interactive and President of the DC Chapter of the VR/AR Association. He is a visionary for the applications of VR/AR technology for training, enterprise, and branding solutions. His technological prowess in conjunction with his aptitude for behavioral psychology enables him to transform client needs into tangible concepts through the use of immersive technology. He has adapted Brightline’s award-winning, highly immersive, and interactive technology to create unique solutions for customers ranging from government agencies to commercial brands. Tyler represents the voice of immersive technology by speaking globally on behalf of the VR/AR Association and hosting the Association’s “Everything VR & AR” podcast.