Congressional M&S Leadership Summit 2024 Recap

The Congressional Modeling and Simulation Leadership Summit was held in Norfolk, VA on Monday, February 12, 2024.  The event, hosted by NTSA, provided opportunities for leaders in the area of national resiliency to discuss current risks, needs, and ways that modeling and simulation can provide support to solve problems in resiliency.  Two of the Co-Chairs of the Congressional Caucus, Congressman Bobby Scott (VA), and Congressman Jack Bergman (MI), provided opening remarks and remained through much of the day to provide insights to the discussion and to identify ways that they can support a resiliency legislative initiative.  Two additional keynote speakers, The Hon. Dimitri Kusnezov and Col. Joseph Catalino, provided insights on the ways in which the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense respectively, are preparing for national disasters across the spectrum of transportation, healthcare, cyber security, intelligence and infrastructure.  The keynotes were complemented by panel discussions focused on homeland security and defense, and on local and regional preparedness.  A report is generated following the conference to identify potential legislation that can support national resiliency through the power of modeling, simulation, and advanced technologies.