AUSA News: App Provides 3D, Interactive Training on the Go

By Allyson Park

BILT image

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A company has developed an application that provides members of the military with interactive, 3D mobile instructions and training.

“We can make … instructions available anywhere in the world,” said BILT CEO Nate Henderson on the sidelines of the Association of the United States Army annual conference on Oct. 9.

The app is available in 172 countries and has almost 10 million users who now use the platform. It currently supports the Air Force and lots of other entities both in the Defense Department and out, he said.

BILT houses interactive, 3D, guided instructions on product installation and setup and maintenance, Henderson said.

“So if I want to know what a part is, I can just touch it,” he said. “You can tackle a complex task with almost no education or training; you just have to download the app. We have secure components to it, and it makes it available to anyone either on a smartphone or a tablet.”

Compatible with all Apple, Android and Windows devices, BILT can be accessed without the use of internet connection, which increases its reliability for off-the-grid warfighters and operations.

“You can load all this information onto a tablet, and then it’s available offline even if you don’t have a good connection,” Henderson said. “But the next time you connect, if we send out updates to the instructions, I can update them instantaneously. So, the instructions never have to be out of date.”

Though it was not designed specifically for the military, the BILT app has a wide range of military and Army applications, addressing the Defense Department’s digitization and sustainability efforts, he said.

BILT for military and government will also be available via Apple’s Vision Pro Platform.

In addition to providing interactive assembly and setup instructions, BILT gathers data analytics on soldier performance.

Insights from this data allow BILT instruction designers to “continuously improve instructions in near real-time. BILT provides a portal for Army program managers and front-line leaders to evaluate training progress and competency with quantifiable data and feedback from soldiers. This enables data analysts to define the most efficient training and maintenance standards,” according to a company press release.


Topics: Training and Simulation