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  • Defense Department


    Vital Signs 2024: U.S. Defense Industrial Base Still Facing Headwinds

    During the last 35 years, six U.S. administrations have worked tirelessly to deter peer conflict.
  • Battlefield Communications


    JUST IN: Air Force Advancing Command, Control in Middle East Fight

    While the Defense Department is shifting focus to the Indo-Pacific, action is taking place today in the Middle East where Central Command is conducting defensive — and sometimes offensive — action against Iranian proxies. That action is testing and proving technologies and concepts of the Defense Department’s Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control initiative, said the commander of Air Forces, U.S. Central Command.
  • Army News


    Army Hopeful Troubled Headset Program Is Finally Looking Up

    The Army’s Integrated Visual Augmentation System program has faced numerous setbacks over the last few years, but the service still believes in the technology and is optimistic the latest version can unlock the transformational warfighting advancements the Army and developer Microsoft envision.
  • Special Operations


    JUST IN: Qatar Positions Itself as Special Operations Training Hub

    The Qatari armed forces are setting up an international school that will train special operators and counterterrorism units from at home and abroad.
  • Navy News


    Navy's Push for Blended Training Picks Up Steam

    While using a blend of live, virtual and constructive techniques to prepare warfighters for battle is not new, Navy officials have said the sea service has lagged implementing the concept. However, that appears to be changing.
  • Marine Corps News


    Marines Going Virtual to Address Lack of Training Grounds in Indo-Pacific

    The Indo-Pacific may be vast, but the areas where Marines can train in the region are not.
  • Navy News


    Navy Looks to Industry to Digitize Ships

    Most software aboard Navy ships is older than the sailors and less sophisticated than home gaming systems. Bridging the digital gap presents the biggest opportunity for the defense industry since the Cold War, a Navy official said.
  • Battlefield Communications


    Reaching Pentagon’s CJADC2 Goals to Require ‘Bridging Solutions’

    The Defense Department has a vision: take each service’s sensors and shooters, tie them all together in a seamless network that lives on a combat cloud and employ artificial intelligence to make decisions quicker than opponents can. The vision is known as Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or CJADC2, and despite the “joint” in the name, the Army, Navy and Air Force are pursuing their own programs.
  • Air Force News


    Air Force Overhauling Training To Take On Near-Peer Foes

    The Air Force is undergoing a top-to-bottom reorganization to transition from counterterrorism operations to competition with more powerful rivals, and its training and simulation systems will be a part of the overhaul.
  • Robotics and Autonomous Systems


    Large Language Models Have Pitfalls for National Security

    ORLANDO — Generative artificial intelligence: eerie or exciting? Experts suggest the increasingly intelligent large language models are not something to be feared, but rather tools to make human lives easier, revolutionizing how we learn and train. We just need to learn how to use them effectively.
Displaying 1-10 of 81 results