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  • Training and Simulation


    Israeli Vendor Shows Off Live, Virtual, Constructive Simulator

    Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has long supported the Israel Defense Forces with training technology, and the company is now pursuing international customers for its Armed Forces Battle Simulation live, virtual and constructive system.
  • International


    Japan Pushing Its Tech Companies to Partner with U.S. Defense Industry

    It’s a new dawn of defense cooperation in the Indo-Pacific as nations such as Japan and the United States grow closer militarily as a hedge against China’s ambitions in the region.
  • Simulation Modeling Wargaming and Training


    Improving Training at NATO a Bureaucracy, not Technology Problem

    The ranks of NATO grew with the recent addition of Finland, and while bigger might be better from a security standpoint, it makes the challenge of realizing the next generation of modeling and simulation for joint training that much more complicated, officials say.
  • IT2EC NEWS - Air Force Wants to Sift Through Simulation Data to Boost Training Training and Simulation


    IT2EC NEWS - Air Force Wants to Sift Through Simulation Data to Boost Training

    ROTTERDAM, Netherlands — Like the other services, the U.S. Air Force is using more and more virtual and simulated training technology, which is generating volumes of data, and the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Human Effectiveness Directorate is trying to determine if the right data are being collected and how to use it for maximum training effect.
  • IT2EC NEWS - British Company Building Big Tent for Simulated Training Environment Training and Simulation


    IT2EC NEWS - British Company Building Big Tent for Simulated Training Environment

    ROTTERDAM, Netherlands — When it comes to building a single, synthetic training environment, U.K.-based BAE Systems is shunning exclusivity and getting in bed with a range of vendors who provide niche capabilities.
  • IT2EC NEWS - Multi-Domain Training More Buzzword than Reality Training and Simulation


    IT2EC NEWS - Multi-Domain Training More Buzzword than Reality

    ROTTERDAM, Netherlands — While there is increasing talk of the importance of multi-domain training and simulation, too much training is still siloed, single domain and that is a danger, said a military and technology analyst.
  • Expeditionary Warfare


    Navy, Marine Corps at Odds Over Fleet Requirements

    The possibility of conflict in the Indo-Pacific and a rapidly evolving technological landscape have reshaped the nature of expeditionary warfare, but the Navy and Marine Corps have differing views on what ships and systems they need to deter potential foes.
  • Missile Defense


    JUST IN: Ukrainians a ‘Quick Study’ on Patriot System; U.S. Army Taking Notes

    As Ukrainian soldiers have been learning how to use the Patriot missile defense system, the U.S. Army has been learning from the Ukrainians about real-world missile defense applications that could shape Army training and system requirements going forward.
  • International


    For AUKUS Agreement, ‘Devil is in the Details’

    Part two of the long road to provide Australia with a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines — known as the AUKUS agreement — got underway March 13 when the leaders of the three allies involved revealed an outline of the decades-long plan to the public in San Diego.
  • Training and Simulation


    JUST IN: Vendors Announce Partnership to Expand AR Flight Training Tech

    Lockheed Martin, Korea Aerospace Industries and Red 6 are partnering to bring Red 6’s Airborne Tactical Augmented Reality System, or ATARS, into the TF-50 jet trainer aircraft and variants so pilots can live-train against virtual adversaries.
Displaying 1-10 of 57 results