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 • Pivoting to Virtual Vocational Instruction Across NAVSCIATTS: Methods and Lessons Learned
 Dina Acklin, Director, Engineering Psychologist, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

 • Learning Engineering for the New Normal
 James Goodell, Senior Analyst, QIP

 • Turning Maintenance Challenges into Opportunities with AR
 Stephen Wall, Augmented Reality Technical Fellow, PTC

 • Transforming Learning in the New Normal Using Extended Reality
 E.J. Dougherty, Accenture Federal Services XR Capability Lead, Accenture

 • Digital Dexterity in the New Normal: Bridging the E-Gap by Answering NATO DEEP Community Needs with   Quality Training Initiatives within NATO DEEP eAcademy
 Marcin Józwiak, Senior Instructional Designer, NATO DEEP eAcademy

 • Getting Ready for Your Close Up: Evidence Based Practices for Recording Success
 Dina Kurzweil, Ph.D., Director ETI/Asst Professor, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences

 • Improving the Link Between Science of Learning for Education and Readiness using the Learning Science   Evaluation Checklist
 Scotty D. Craig, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Arizona State University

 • Training Effectiveness Framework for Augmented and Virtual Reality
 James Belanich, Ph.D., Research Staff Member, Institute for Defense Analyses

 • Personalized Neuro-informed Learning and the New Role of Instructors as Facilitators
 JJ Walcutt, Ph.D., President/CEO, Clay Strategic Designs

 • IEEE's New Reusable Competency Definitions Data Standard
 James Goodell, Senior Analyst, QIP

 • Data Visualization in VR Marksmanship Training
 Andrew McCormick, VR Developer, Horus Vision

 • Measuring Success: Using Data to Identify Effective Digital Instruction Practices
 Steve Bailey, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Blackboard

 • A Data Strategy to Drive a Training Strategy in the Synthetic Training Environment
 Benjamin Goldberg, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, CCDC-Soldier Center

 • cmi5 Update
 Andy Johnson, Specifications and Standards Manager, ADL Initiative (SETA Contractor)
   • Designing an Inter-University Data Science Certificate Program: A Prototype
 Hong Liu, Ph.D., Professor, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

 • Total Learning Architecture's Master Object Model: Linking Learners to Other TLA Data
 Florian Tolk, Software Engineer, ADL Initiative (SETA Contractor)
   • Applying User Experience Research Techniques to Support the Development of Learning Technology: Evaluations of the PERvasive Learning System (PERLS)
 Scotty D. Craig, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Arizona State University
   • NetSearch Platform, the Nuclear Deterrent for Academic Fraud
 Keith Maycock, Ph.D., CEO, NetSearch Platform Limited
   • Putting the Pieces Together: Centralizing Content Distribution Across Systems
 Tammy Rutherford, Managing Director, Rustici Software
   • Generic Automatic Performance Assessment for Simulator Training
 Robert Schaefer, Ph.D., Rheinmetall Electronics
   • PERLS - Transitioning from a Research Project to a Production Ready Learning Experience Platform 
 for Government

 Chad Udell, Managing Partner, Float LLC
   • Deploying Enterprise VR Training at Scale
 Tony Bevilacqua, Founder & CEO, Cognitive3D
   • Learning is Changing: Can the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and Microlearning be the keys to developing a   leading-edge workforce?
 Crista Crago-Spangler, D.C.D., Learning Technology Strategist, ADL Initiative
   • IA via AI Intelligence Augmentation Through Artificial Intelligence
 Chris Dede, Ph.D., Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies, Harvard University
   • Harnessing the Power of AI-Powered Adaptive Learning for Training the Acquisition Workforce
 Kim Kendall, Professor, DAU
   • VIROO: Innovation. It's in VR.
 David Moreno, CMO, Virtualware
   • Competency-Based Experiential-Expertise Experience Design
 Kevin Owens, Engineering Scientist, ARL: The University of Texas at Austin
   • How To Build Adaptive Training Amid a Future of Uncertainty
 Charles Richer, Vice President of Business Development, Modest Tree
   • ADL Initiative’s DevSecOps Pipeline: Soup to Nuts Demonstration
 Alec Romine, Software Engineer, ADL Initiative (SETA Contractor)
   • NATO's Adoption of VR/AR Technology to Satellite Training
 Paul Thurkettle, Training Technology, NATO ACT
   • How DevSecOps will Change Your Projects for the Better
 Chad Udell, Managing Partner, Float, LLC
   • What is "Learning" in an LMS?
 Whitney Whealdon, Director of Learning Innovation, Learning Tapestry
   • Planning for Success: Implementing xAPI in the Navy
 Jason Haag, Consultant, Veracity Technology Consultants
   • Implementation and Testing of Your xAPI Data Strategy
 Florian Tolk, Software Engineer, and Yihua Liu, Data Scientist, ADL Initiative (SETA Contractors)
   • Evolution of eLearning Standards: Moving from SCORM to xAPI-Where Does cmi5 Fit?
 George Vilches, Principal Software Engineer; Project CATAPULT Lead, Rustici Software
   • How to Keep Your Castle: Retrofitting "Brick and Mortar" Training
 Jill Wierzba, Ph.D., Senior Instructional Systems Designer, SAIC
   • An Application Profile of schema.org, LRMI and OERSchema to Support K12 Open Content Exchange
 Phil Barker, Ph.D., Consultant and Partner, Cetis LLP
   • Deep Dive Collaboration in Maintenance Training Environment using VR/AR to Support Deployed/Remote   Maintenance Operations
 Mark Lynch, P-8A Maintenance Training Lead, Boeing Defence, Australia
   • Launching into cmi5: A closer look at Project CATAPULT
 Brian Miller, Principal Software Engineer; Project CATAPULT Lead, Rustici Software
   • Logical Model for TLA Data Interoperability Standards
 Brent Smith, RD&E Principal, ADL Initiative (SETA Contractor)
   • How to easily add xAPI capabilities to Games, Simulations, AR/VR Projects in Unity with xAPI Libraries
 Art Werkenthin, CEO, RISC, Inc.
 Available through 1 October 2021


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