War on the Rocks Panel

War On The Rocks

Join us for a LIVE recording of the popular War on the Rocks podcast with senior leaders.
Learning, Development, and Data…on the Rocks!
Tuesday, 31 August, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm EDT

The Federal government, and in particular the Department of Defense, is prioritizing workforce, technology, and data modernization goals. Specific projects address topics like employee upskilling and reskilling, military personnel credentialing, technology-enabled training, next-generation wargaming, enterprise shared services, data interoperability, and AI-informed talent management. But these aren’t independent lines of effort. There’s a convergence of learning, development, technology, and data that’s heralding a fundamental change in how DoD educates, trains, prepares, and manages its military and civilian workforce.

The concept of an AI-informed, data-centric, hire-to-retire continuum of learning is fast becoming a reality, and with it, new questions are forming—from policy and ethics to agility and overmatch. In this panel, senior leaders will discuss the challenges, implications, and promise of modernizing learning and development in the DoD and beyond. How will these advancements contribute to readiness? How will new approaches in talent management affect the composition of the force? What might professional military education look like in an unfettered, modernized future state? What are the risks if this momentum falters, and we’re left with today’s training, education, and workforce systems? 

Commander of Second Air Force, Keesler Air Force Base   BG Charles T. Lombardo, Deputy Commanding General, CAC-T, U.S. Army Combined Arms Center   The Hon. Alan R. Shaffer, Regent, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies and former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment
Maj Gen Andrea D. Tullos
Deputy Commander,
Air Education and Training
  BG Charles T. Lombardo 
Deputy Commanding General,
CAC–T, U.S. Army
Combined Arms Center
Hon. Alan R. Shaffer, Regent

Potomac Institute for Policy
Studies and former Deputy
Under Secretary of Defense for
Acquisition and Sustainment

Ryan Evans, CEO of War on the Rocks, will host a 90-minute panel as part of a live recording of the War on the Rocks podcast.

Thank you to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Federal Protective Service for the contribution of their Multimedia and Distance Learning Studio 2 to live cast the War on the Rocks Panel.

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