Modeling & Simulation Leadership Summit 2022 The Metaverse: The Future is Now

21C0 - Modeling & Simulation Leadership Summit 2022
  • 6/14/2022
  • Rosen Centre Hotel
    9840 International Drive
    Orlando,  FL  32819
  • Event Type : Summit
    Event Code : 21C0


The Modeling & Simulation Leadership Summit is an event sponsored by the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) in support of the Modeling and Simulation Congressional Caucus. The purpose of the event is to bring the M&S Community of Practice together to discuss important issues related to Modeling and Simulation, and to try to reach consensus on one or two specific, actionable initiatives for the Congressional M&S Caucus to take for action.

Members of the Congressional Modeling & Simulation Caucus will be in attendance, along with other Congressional staffers. Keynotes and panels will discuss the potential policy and legislative impacts of the Metaverse and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) along with legislative challenges and proposed policy and legislative support that can be provided.



Reneé Despot - Event Logistics
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