M&S Leadership Summit Recap

“A digital synthetic world empowering interconnected people,” Bob Kleinhample opened the What is the metaverse? Panel at NTSA Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Leadership Summit. Definitions of the metaverse and new technologies vary, but industry experts agree that the metaverse is a way forward for modeling, simulation, and training.

The day was filled with insightful speakers and purposeful questions, making the Summit an event people will be talking about for many days to come. With the goal of discussing important industry issues to help reach specific action initiatives for the Congressional M&S Caucus, speakers shared varied insights and experiences on a common theme. The military metaverse is transforming, and John Cunningham of Unity shared, “I believe the use cases for the DoD are more mature and ready for the metaverse.”

The metaverse’s ability to transform training became a universal topic among speakers throughout the day. The group discussions of the afternoon led to common themes, a discussion of policy issues, best practices, and objectives that can inform the Congressional M&S Caucus in actionable ways.

RADM James. A. Robb, USN (Ret.) brought the event to a close, sharing an insight and plan, “We need industry to work together to solve these programs.” One industry, together, can craft plans for the future.