NATO NexGen M&S Capability Workshop at MODSIM World

NATO NexGen capability reflects a modernization plan that enhances NATO simulations with a data-centric, web-based, common synthetic environment that supports numerous variations of NATO requirements. The environment's modular, open systems design allows for rapid response to new requirements, emerging cybersecurity compliance, improved interoperability, and correlation and alignment between planning data and the executing simulation(s). The next generation of M&S will support geographically separated commands/nations and the complexity of NATO operations focused on the tactical through political levels. By adopting an agile development methodology, increasing collaboration between software engineers and operational users, and exploring emerging information technology innovations, we will enable early delivery and continual improvement of NATO M&S capabilities.

The NATO NexGen M&S capability workshop at MODSIM World 2023 will allow stakeholders to interact with industry on the art of the possible and how it translates to operationalizing their simulation requirements.

*Attendance at the workshop is by invite only.