Wednesday, 21 June 2023: PM TRASYS  |  NAWCTSD

0845 – 0855  PM TRASYS Command Brief
Col Marcus Reynolds, USMC, Program Manager, Training Systems
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0855 – 0905  |  Synthetic Training Systems
Maj Marcial Garcia, USMC, Product Manager, Synthetic Training Systems
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0905 – 0915  |  Range Training Systems
LtCol Rory Hermann, Jr., USMC, Product Manager, Range Training Systems
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0915 – 0925  |  Training Systems & Sustainment and Support Services Synthetic Training Systems
Robyn Ingerham, Product Manager, Training Systems & Sustainment and Support Services
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0945 – 1005  |  Q&A with U.S. Marine Corps Presenters
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1005 – 1105  |  NTSA I/ITSEC 2023 Next Big Thing: Acquisition Insights for Generative AI in Government Training and Simulation
Richard Boyd, CEO, Ultisim, Inc.
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1320 – 1335  |  Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division Update
CAPT Tim James, USN, Commanding Officer, Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD), and Naval Support Activity (NSA) Orlando
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1335 – 1345  |  Acquisition Overview 
Brian Hicks, Director, Acquisition Management, NAWCTSD
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1345 – 1355  |  Surface Training Systems 
Robert Kerno, Program Manager, Surface Training System, Program Office, (PMS-339), NAVSEA
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1355 – 1420  |  Aviation Programs and Aviation Training Systems
Greg Ouellette, Program Director, Aviation Programs (PDA), NAWCTSD
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1420 – 1435  |  Surface and Undersea Programs
Graham Fleener, Program Director, Surface and Undersea Programs (PDS&U), NAWCTSD
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1450 – 1515  |  Cross-Warfare Programs
Robin Wieckhorst, Program Director, Cross-Warfare Programs (PDX), NAWCTSD
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1515 – 1520  |  International Programs
Aida Gonzalez-Lopez, Deputy Program Director, International Programs (PDI), NAWCTSD
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1520 – 1530  |  Research and Technology Programs
Bill Zeller, Program Director, Research and Technology Programs (PDR&T), NAWCTSD
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As of 20 June 2023

Thursday, 22 June 2023: PEO STRI  |  ACC-ORL  |  STE CFT  |  MST PMO  |  DEVCOM SC STTC  |  AFLCMC/WNS

0900 – 0920  |  PM Synthetic Environment
COL Nickolas Kioutas, USA, Project Manager, Synthetic Environment
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0920 – 0940  |  PL TADSS Support Operations
Justin Fortune, Acting Project Lead, TADSS Support Operations
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0940 – 1000  |  PM Cyber, Test and Training
Jeannie Winchester, Project Manager, Cyber, Test and Training
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1040 – 1100  |  International Programs
Mike Willoughby, Deputy Project Lead, International Program Office
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1100 – 1120  |  PM Soldier Training
COL Cory Berg, USA, Project Manager, Soldier Training
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1120 – 1200  |  ACC-Orlando PALT Session with Industry
Michael Harris, Executive Director and Senior Contracting Official, Army Contracting  Command-Orlando
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1300 – 1320  |  Synthetic Training Environment
BG William Glaser, USA, Director, Synthetic Training Environment Cross Functional Team (STE-CFT)
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1320 – 1335  |  Defense Health Agency, Medical Simulation & Training, Program Management  Office (MST PMO)
Jude Tomasello, Program Manager, Medical Simulation and Training Program Management Office (MST PMO), Defense Health Agency
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1445 – 1540  |  DEVCOM Solider Center Simulation and Training Technology Center (DEVCOM SC STTC)
LIVE: Clay Burford, Science & Technology Manager and Frank Tucker, Research Project Manager, DEVCOM SC STTC
Cyberspace: Allen Geddes, Science and Technology (S&T) Manager, DEVCOM SC STTC
Simulation Architecture: Christopher McGroarty, Chief Engineer for Advanced Simulation, DEVCOM SC STTC
Training Effectiveness: Ben Goldberg, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, DEVCOM SC STTC
Medical: M. Beth Pettitt, Ph.D., Chief, Medical Simulation and Performance Branch, DEVCOM SC STTC
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1540 – 1630  |  USAF Simulator Division Update
Penny Mason, Deputy, Simulators Division
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As of 21 June 2023